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  • Std VI to X (Integrated Syllabi - State, CBSE, ICSE....) in Pragati IIT -JEE Foundation
  • Faculty with Professional Expertise
  • Ideal Teacher - Pupil ratio
  • Periodic Objective Tests
  • Focussed Study Hours (5.30 PM to 7.30 PM)
  • Computer Education
  • Regular Parent-Teacher interaction
  • Co-curricular activities
  • Science Projects & Exhibitions to the Science-savvy
  • Adoption of Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE)
  • DIGI Sessions in AC Class Rooms


N Purnachandra Rao M.Sc.

The School helps children to learn and grow in a warm and stimulating environment which makes learning fun and an ever cherishing experiene

D V Sarveswara Rao
(Academic Director)

The School helps children to learn and grow in a warm and stimulating environment which makes learning fun and an ever cherishing experience

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OUR VISION- Inspiration Unlimited :

          True to our spirits, our vision remains the fountainhead of inspiration as we nurture the latent talents of our vibrant children and make them realize their greatness and aspirations. The spirited endeavour with many an accomplished teacher as the backbone surges ahead with a breadth of imagination and introspection.

OBJECTIVE : The Essence of achievement :

           Pragati, the household name in the corridors of the Educational field, has scripted the holistic objective child-centric ‘Qualitative education’ that nurtures a complete personality. The objective is further aimed to substantiate the cognitive abilities and competitive spirit of the students.

OUR SCHOOLS-The abodes of learning :

 Creativity, holding sway on the young brains, metamorphosed the process of learning. Spontaneity and scholastic ability form part of our learning ideology while the relations between the teachers and the taught have become healthier and more thought-stirring. It is no denying the fact that our schools have turned the choicest destinations in the coastal corridors.

  1. The school offers effective Diagnosis and Remedial measures for every child to attain progress in academics.
  2. Every child shall be nurtured as a Think Tank with positive and creative approach.
  3. Discipline is stressed at every level to improve behaviour, attitude and personality as a whole.
  4. The school opens up a Junior Science Laboratory to arouse interest in Science and encourage Scientific Temper among all the students.
  5. The school unleashes an opportunity to develop Communication Skills of all the students to face the competitions with ease and without stress.
  6. The school boasts of its major asset-the Library, which is well-stocked with all varieties of books, and other reading materials preserved in software. Child’s interest in reading books is encouraged by providing books on puzzles and pleasures etc...
  7. The school’s unique feature is formation of Parent-Teacher Meetings every month to know and explore the child.
  8. The school creates a healthy environment on the campus to interact in English to develop Spoken English.
  9. Extra-Curricular and Co-Curricular activities go hand in hand and are given equal stress and importance by encouraging every child in his/her own interest.
  10. The fears that are created in the childhood are carried forward to a life-long period is a well known fact. In order to reduce the examination fear and to reduce the stress on the children due to paper-pencil tests we Started CCE method from 2013-2014.

                     CCE (Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation) is a method evolved and introduced by the NCERT after due study of various examination patterns. It enables the teacher to evaluate a child at different levels and gives scope to the child to get evaluated while learning is in process. CCE comprises of individual activities, group activities, and collection of data, analysis of data apart from 4 formative and 2 summative assessments in an academic year.

PRAGATI EM SCHOOL PRAGATI EM SCHOOL Venkata Nagar, Kakinada Gandhi Nagar, Kakinada. Ph: 9346078010 Ph: 9346078018
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Pragati Nagar, Peddapuram Jagapathinagaram
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Sriramnagar, Rajamahendravaram Adilakshminagar, Ravulapalem
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Kindergarten : 

Learning in Kindergarten classes is all play and pleasure. The curriculum is designed and planned in such a way that the child never feels it a burden to learn. Kids are delighted to walk into Pragati kindergarten school with glowing faces and radiant smiles. Teaching goes on while playing and playing goes on while learning. Kids prefer to spend more time in school. All modern equipment designed for play - way method of teaching is provided in the school apart from rich infrastructural facilities. Spacious and separate AC rooms specially designed for the purpose of learning care freely and with ease fill the tiny tots with awe. Kids are provided with "My Merry Memories learning materials and at every stage of learning the child evinces keen interest. Teaching is more practical oriented and motivation of every child evinces keen interest. Teaching is more practical oriented and motivation of every child is the prerequisite. Fun, play and cheers create interest in the child to work for the desired targets. 

Primary : 

Children of primary classes are exposed to various compulsory physique and mind development activities like Yogasanas, Classic dance, Music, Drawing, Painting, Quiz, Elocution, Mock Assembly/Parliament, Educational fairs, Sports Day celebrations, Annual Day Celebrations etc. ​Educational Trips and Tours are organized to benefit with direct exposure to wonders of the world. Children are prepared for various talent oriented tests conducted at the Districts, State and National levels. General awareness programmes and knowledge oriented programmes are specially designed to meet their level of learning. Children's attention is drawn towards societal importance from primary level itself. 


Activities undertaken at High School level are psychological oriented. Majority of classroom teaching is through discussion. Individual monitoring right from the beginning of the academic year is ensured and child's capabilities are tested through Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation. Issue based Diagnosis and Remedial measures are taken up. Child's weak areas in learning any subject are identified and those areas are taken care of till the child attains full confidence. After evaluating every test results, slow learners are identified and Remedial Teaching and Remedial Writing by them will be taken up as per schedule. Most of the time, students spend in practical oriented learning either engaging themselves in the project preparation or exploration in Science Laboratory. Students are prepared to appear for various special talent oriented tests like Mathematical olympiad, sir C.V.Raman Talent Test, NTSE, NSTSE, National Mathematical Competition etc.., Of course, Speaking English is a must as long as they are in the school campus and while speaking, teachers observe and correct their language then and there itself, so as to create confidence in the child. 

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